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Your bathroom – your retreat!!!

Posted by on March 19, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Your bathroom – your retreat!!!

Taking a bath for many of us, is not simply about washing ourselves, but also a relaxing experience following a busy day with the kids or at work. Make time for you, take time to relax, take your bath pillow, some wine and candles, lie back, relax, and the days stress will wash away and you will feel pampered.

Use your favourite bath products, soak your aching muscles using aroma therapy or essential oils, to relax and feel fresh after a hectic day.

Your bathing time is not simply to make you feel clean, but as importantly you should relax and unwind, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and making your skin feel smooth, exfoliated and warm. A relaxing bath is renowned for helping you have deep, peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.

Taking a bath has great health benefits too!!! Not only is it great for tired, aching muscles, it can help with depression, colds and flu and breathing difficulties. For sinus problems you could use aromatherapy. Warm water can also help improve circulation and even reduce blood pressure.

So not only will a good soak help your body relax, but it will help wash away stresses and help you think clearly. When your mind is relaxed, as well as your body, inhale deeply, relax and enjoy your bath.

Most people prefer a bath after a tiring, stressful day, however by using rejuvenating and energizing bath salts and aromatherapy products, your bath can make you feel awake and refreshed first thing on a morning, the perfect preparation for the day ahead. Whenever and however you choose to have your bath it should be all about you, the perfect retreat!!!