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Your Bathroom – New Innovative technology

Posted by on July 23, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Your Bathroom – New Innovative technology

It is true to say we live in a world dominated by technology and ever increasing new and innovative ideas. Certainly in the last decade, these ideas have penetrated throughout our homes. We even have new and emerging technologies for our bathrooms. At the end of a busy day, for those of us who still feel the need to access their email, plan the week ahead, or even check the weather forecast, we now have the ‘smart tap’.

The ‘smart tap’ ventures beyond acting as an means of accessing information whilst you take a bath – it has facial recognition software, so it is able to is able to adapt to each member of the household and alter the water temperature to suit how you like it.


The Bathroom TV mirror is another advanced technology, featuring an LCD TV embedded behind a two-way bathroom mirror. So if you really can’t miss Jeremy Kyle or Coronation Street you have the answer. Even more clever, the mirror completely disguises the television when you are not using it. Activated by remote control, you no longer need to make sure you rush in and out of the bath for your favourite TV programme. No, just relax bath, wash, or brush you teeth without missing a minute.


For the perfect tan, there is also the ‘sun shower’. Save yourself a trip to the tanning studio and keep up the perfect summer tan all year round. Yes, it allows you to shower and get a tan at the same time. It features alternating tanning lamps to concentrate on paler areas should you so wish.