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Why choose professionally installed fitted furniture?

Posted by on June 18, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Why choose professionally installed fitted furniture?

Having professionally designed and installed fitted furniture, will offer you a more practical and much better quality installation. Custom made, your furniture will be made to accommodate all awkward gaps, sloping ceilings and all horizontal and vertical available space. Additionally you will have freedom of choice when it come to style and colour.

Your fitted frniture will offer so much more than self installed flat-packed units and free-standing furniture.

There are endless reasons why professionally installed fitted furniture is a far better option:


Choose the style and colour

Whether you have a preference for contemporary and modern furniture, with its defined lines and gloss finishes, or something more traditional with curves and detail, fitted furniture offers you a wide spectrum of options.

Wide Selection of Accessories

A professional fitted furniture installation company will offer a greater range of accessories and components. In a bedroom this will offer you a choice of integral features such as shoe cabinets, tie, hat and scarf racks, shelving, baskets or integral drawers. In a kitchen, these may be pull out racks, corner unit space saving options, or wine and spice racks. You can of course co-ordinate your choice of accessories, such as handles with your choice in door styles. Sourcing these components and accessories yourself can be very time-consuming, difficult to find, more expensive and not necessarily work or fit with other components.

Professional Design Aesthetics

Professional fitted furniture installation and design specialists will be able to best employ your space with eye-catching design aesthetics, whilst maximising the use of all available space.

Technology and Design

Professional equipment and design advances, will allow a professional installation specialist to combine these with their knowledge and experience, to produce a bespoke fitted furniture design with superior results and design aesthetics.

Fully Managed Project

A fully managed fitted furniture project will ensure that the professional installation specialist works directly with other professionals involved, such as electricians or gas engineers or plumbers, so that the work is carried out effectively and the installation is as efficient as possible. This will minimise continued disruption to your property.