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Which shower to choose?

Posted by on October 7, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Which shower to choose?

When deciding which shower to choose for your newly installed bathroom, the options are endless! Your final choice will depend on the size of your bathroom, budget and water and plumbing. However you can be sure there is bound to be the perfect shower.

At Connells we would like to help you decide which shower to choose, so here is an overview of the options available:

Power Showers:
Power showers are ideal for homes in an low water pressure area. The shower will use both your hot and cold water system and it will mix the water to achieve the perfect temperature for your shower. A power shower will however need an additional water pump, needed to increase water pressure to give a strong flow. Power showers therefore can cost more to run, especially if you are on a water meter and the extra pump can also add to the cost.

Mixer Showers:
Mixer showers really good and popular option. They use water from both your hot and cold system and operate by mixing it together using the temperature valve as you desire to give you the temperature you choose. Mixer showers are a great option for homes with high water pressure. To enable a mixer shower to work at optimum level, you will need a good supply of centrally heated water. Mixer showers are more affordable than power showers, more economical to run and easily installed by a trained bathroom fitter.

Electric Showers:
An electric shower heats the water itself. The main benefit of an electric shower is that it will heat the water as and when needed and only heat the quantity needed without running out and therefore not reliant on centrally heated water. Often electric showers have pumps which make the water flow more powerful.

Digital Showers:
Digital showers are smart, convenient and affordable. You can programme the temperature that you require and there is no further need to fiddle with the temperature control. The shower will regulate the temperature. Digital showers have controls and a display. Our bathroom installation specialists will advise which digital shower is suitable for your home depending on your water and heating system.

Thermostatic showers:
Thermostatic showers are widely used a very popular option. They can be digital, but are most commonly manual. They will keep a constant temperature and adjust quickly to cold or hot water bursts. Easy to install, they are suitable for most homes. Thermostatic showers are a benefit to anyone wanting a new shower on a tighter budget, although they don’t have the same fancy technical features as a digital shower.

Ultimately your new shower will depend on what type of water system you have and your budget. Connells can help advise on the options, then you can choose one of the perfect luxurious shower for your new bathroom.