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Top tips for planning your kitchen

Posted by on March 12, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Top tips for planning your kitchen

Your kitchen should be not only functional and practical, the place where you cook your meals and wash your dishes, but also a relaxing environment to dine with family and friends.

Sharing a meal together, making food, chatting about your day and unwinding, that is what your kitchen is really for. Lighting candles, dimming the lighting and putting on some relaxing music can create the perfect ambiance.

Your kitchen should be planned and designed to suit you and your needs and family.


Here are some tips and things to consider when planning your new kitchen.

To suit your lifestyle

Your kitchen should be designed to suit your lifestyle. The needs of a busy family are practical and will require a functional kitchen with space created to dine and socialise. However a young, working couple may choose something more contemporary, chic and with more expensive gadgets.

Unless you have a separate dining area, you will eat as well as prepare your meals in the kitchen. You could opt for a country family look, or a contemporary minimalist design. It really does depend on your style and your lifestyle.

Space and design

Kitchen planning is essential to compliment your available space. Bespoke design will allow all your available space to be made best use of. You can utilise awkward corners and all your vertical and horizontal space.

Bespoke units and drawers are versatile and integral features can be adapted to your needs. You can incorporate different depth shelving, spinning racks, drawer compartments, pull out racks and wine and spice racks as needed. Lighting or glass fronted units may be included in the design.

Space is a fundamental consideration, especially when it is limited. Your kitchen needs to be practical and easy access to your cooker, fridge and sink is paramount.

Good lighting is essential to enable you to cook, but create the perfect mood for a relaxing atmosphere when eating.

Style and Decor

Once you have considered the design and planning of your kitchen to suit your lifestyle, you need to decide on a colour scheme and style. You may choose to go contemporary, modern or chic, or stick with traditional and classic designs. Neutral, light colours work well in most kitchens, especially to achieve a modern look, or where space is limited creating a feeling of spaciousness. You may opt for darker colours, to create a cosy environment and achieve a more traditional style.