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Tips To Get The Best Kitchen For You

Posted by on December 19, 2018 in Blog | Comments Off on Tips To Get The Best Kitchen For You

Kitchens are the heart of the home. When it comes to designing a new kitchen, we’ve got some great tips to ensure that your kitchen both is both beautiful and functional.


Decide On An Island

If you have the space, one of the first things you decide on should be whether you have an island or not. It’s form over function when it comes to islands, with a number of options available to you. You need to pick an island that suits the space, but still allows enough space for movement.


Get Rid Of Wasted Steps
Have a think about where and how you use the things in your kitchen, and how their placement can make your life easier. Keep dishes and cutlery near the dishwasher for easy unloading, and Tupperware in a handy spot near a worktop for easy leftover storage.


Wide Walkways
Create paths in your kitchen that are wide enough for multiple people to walk through and easily prepare food in. Aim for paths to be at least 36 inches (92cm) wide, with paths in the cooking area 42 inches (107cm).


Be Mindful Of Corners
Plan space for cabinet and appliance doors to open fully without any problems. Keep appliances away from corners, and be sure to place them so that the doors won’t bang in to each other when used at the same time.


Keep It Child Friendly
Keep the oven out of traffic areas so that kids don’t accidentally catch handles, cause spills, or touch the oven top when running through the kitchen.


Consider Your Countertops
If you often prepare large meals and enjoy baking, more counter top space will be essential. If you favour simpler meals or don’t have many people to cook for, space can be used for something else. You can even have two counter tops of different heights if you’ll be getting the kids involved with the cooking.


Decide On A Focal Point
From an appearance perspective, giving your kitchen a focal point stops the room from being overwhelming. Pick one focal point, which you can complement with smaller details.

Overall, designing the best kitchen for you is all about considering what you need the most from your space. Focus on incorporating things that will help with the way you use your kitchen, and it’ll be the perfect centrepiece of your home. For help designing and installing your dream kitchen, get in touch with us today. Find out more about our kitchen design and installation services here.