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Thinking of a new Fitted Kitchen?

Posted by on December 5, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Thinking of a new Fitted Kitchen?

If you are thinking of a new kitchen, it is definitely worth taking a look at websites and magazines dedicated to kitchens and cooking, what better way to fill you with inspiration?

There is just so much to consider:
What are the latest innovative designs available?
What furniture and integral storage features to choose?
Which are the best kitchen appliances, equipment and utensils?
What style to choose?

Once your beautiful new kitchen is installed you will be looking for great cooking ideas, recipes and menus for entertaining, socialising, or making a healthy family meal.

Bespoke fitted Kitchens:

In any kitchen the primary considerations are practicality and design. These are very much individual choice and should be suited to your lifestyle, the size of your kitchen, your storage requirements and of course your family size. Whether your kitchen a place to socialise and entertain, or to accommodate the needs of a big family and a busy family life, you really have to consider these factors in the design.

From the broad spectrum of traditional to contemporary units, bespoke fitted kitchen furniture will enable you to maximise the use of all your available space and additionally to accommodate awkward shapes and irregular walls and corners. Moreover you can then include and any unique features or ideas you have to the design.

Integral storage features inside units and drawers are completely versatile. Again dependant on space and lifestyle you could include different depth shelving, spinning racks, pull out drawers and wine and spice racks.

When space is limited it really is paramount to consider practicalities in a kitchen. Access and space to walk are essential between your cooker, your sink and your fridge, these need to be readily accessible and not cramped, which could be stressful and even dangerous whilst cooking.

Atmospheric lighting and good practical lighting to see by are essential in your kitchen, to enable you to cook in good light and then to create a relaxing atmosphere when eating.

Cooking and recipe ideas:

Great recipes and cooking ideas and welcomed by most of us. Once you have your beautiful kitchen installed, you will be inspired to try new fresh ideas. Often you can be ‘stuck in a rut’, or the same old routine with cooking. New recipes will not only give you ‘food for thought’ but please the family with new tasty ideas and meal planning ideas.

Kitchen Equipment:

It is always worth keeping an eye open for the latest innovative kitchen gadgets and recommendations of the best kitchen equipment.