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The latest gadgets for your Bathroom!!!

Posted by on September 20, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on The latest gadgets for your Bathroom!!!

The first few minutes we spend in the shower are usually spent adjusting the temperature and flow. Could these days be drawing to an end? Well, now you can opt for a programmable shower with individual settings chosen by you, to completely make your shower experience individual to you, with the heat and flow set as you prefer. This innovative gadget looks like a touch screen tablet and has a full-colour screen.

Moreover there is not only one option, indeed you can pre-program as many as nine personal shower experiences. So if you want a hot relaxing shower when you have more time in the evening and a quick dip on a morning, you can set your shower as you like it. The thermostatic valve will regulate the shower to your desired temperature and flow from up to four outlets.

If you think all that is clever you can also adjust lighting, and volume levels, to achieve the perfect shower experience.

Should you also wish you can pre-set the shower to flow for a certain length of time and so it can be used to monitor your water consumption, helping you keep tab of the bills, also a great feature for families.


The ‘sound system’ bath is another innovative bathroom design which connects to a Blue-tooth device, enabling you to listen to your favourite music during your bath, or if you like you can listen to the news or weather to catch up on the days events.

The bath is clever enough to fill the room with sound when the bath is empty and when the bath is full, the sound resonates through the water.

To ensure a perfect relaxing bath time, it has several pre-programmable relaxing compositions.