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Small bedroom – the best storage solutions!!!

Posted by on April 16, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Small bedroom – the best storage solutions!!!

With the recent decades increase in house prices, people are increasingly finding that their available budget only affords houses with smaller bedrooms. The available space for new homes to be built is also decreasing. For people with small bedrooms, free standing furniture is certainly not the best solution. It is paramount with a small room to completely maximise all the available space and have well organised and useful storage.

Bespoke designed fitted furniture can offer a range of solutions to the problem of how best to utilise your available space in a mall bedroom:


Cabin Beds are the perfect solution for children’s bedrooms where space is limited. Not only will they love the high sleeper bed style, you will have the advantage of utilising the floor space underneath the bed, where you can have a desk, units and drawers or storage options built into the bed. You may even have storage built into ‘lift up lid’ steps leading to the sleeping area at the top.

Bed frames are great for people who do not want a ‘high sleeper’ but still want to make use of the floor space underneath the bed. These can be custom made with pull out drawers and other storage options.

Over bed Units These can offer storage space for bulky items which are perhaps less frequently used, but still offer them conveniently to hand as needed.

Bespoke Fitted Furniture will completely maximise all the space, from every inch wall to wall and every inch floor to ceiling. It will also accommodate storage in awkward corners, difficult to reach spaces and sloping ceilings. Where freestanding furniture may leave unsightly and useless gaps fitted furniture could for example offer narrow shelving in those spaces for books or other items.

Smaller bedrooms and spare rooms need not be a headache. A fully trained bedroom planner will have a range of novel ideas to make the best use of any small or awkwardly shaped room.