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Popular Bathroom Styles for 2018

Posted by on June 5, 2018 in Blog, Latest Offers | Comments Off on Popular Bathroom Styles for 2018

Whether you prefer a modern or traditional bathroom, popular styles in 2018 accommodate for both. With a variety of looks available, you can easily make the bathroom that you’ve dreamed of a reality. Our guide will take you through some of the most popular recent offerings.  

Neutral décor is still in 

Neutral colours continue to be popular, with whites, grey and warms browns – along with ‘greige’ – being the go to colours for modern bathrooms. We’re often drawn to organic, lived-in looks in the home, such as aged, worn flooring and vintage plumbing fixtures; neutral colours offer a natural, organic looking bathroom, while maintaining a modern look. 

Traditional fixtures are back 

Brass and gold tone fixtures were a fixture of bathrooms of the past, and they’re making a comeback for those who’re looking for a traditional style. Warm gold and bronze pipes and fixtures offer a nice contrast to the usual bathroom colours, giving any room a sense of luxury and depth.  

Making the most of your space 

Although many find inspiration from luxury magazines featuring bathrooms that include double sized tubs, showers and basins, there’s an increasing discovery that smaller bathrooms can be just as luxurious. 2018 is seeing a trend towards smaller bathrooms that focus on efficiency and small-scale luxury. It’s absolutely possible to make small bathrooms comfortable rather than cramped, and the trick is to use all of your available space efficiently. This is achieved through freestanding single-person bathtubs, uniquely designed small basins, and other modestly sized yet uniquely designed features. 

Bold looks 

Bold bathrooms designs give the room some character – splashes of bright colour are a popular way of achieving this look. Coloured basins and baths are coming back – although in more appealing colours than the avocado green of the 1970’s – adding a feel of luxury to bathrooms. Feature wallpaper and large white mosaic tiles provide the perfect contrasting backdrop for these bold accents.  

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