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Make the most of your bedroom design

Posted by on May 15, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Make the most of your bedroom design

At the end of a tiring day, curling up in a luxurious quilt, cushioned amongst soft pillows to have a glass of wine, listen to your favourite music or watch TV is the perfect way to relax. Your bedroom should be a relaxing space to unwind.

A well designed space can mean you avoid having invasive furniture, and miscellaneous clutter and belongings strewn all over. A well designed layout will mean your bedroom is clutter free and well organised meaning you can truly relax.

Here are some tips on how to create the perfect bedroom space:


Lighting – Especially in a bedroom with limited space, good lighting is essential. Neutral and paler shades of furniture and paint will help create an illusion of space. Reflecting the light by installing high-gloss furniture or mirrors will also have the same desired effect. Lighting can be used in the ceiling, walls or inset into furniture to add additional light. Feature lighting over a shelving unit or picture can add a great feature to the room.

Beds for storage – Your bed will probably cover the greatest expanse of space in your bedroom. It is definitely worthwhile considering the benefits of extra storage a bed frame can offer. These can be custom made with drawers or cupboards or even a lift up mattress with a boxed bed frame to store away bedding and other bulky items.

Practical space – Your bedroom will have a different function in the evening after a hard day at work to first thing in the morning. Accessible and organised storage with conveniently placed mirrors and ordered clothes hanging space will really help.

Make the most of available storage space – Free-standing bedroom furniture and drawers can not only make your bedroom feel smaller, but it will greatly reduce that all important storage space. The standard shape will not necessarily suit your bedroom and fill all vertical and horizontal space, or accommodate any irregular features. Fitted furniture will enable you to maximise all the available storage space and offer you storage integral features to suit you. Any awkward corners or sloping ceilings can also be utilised.

Televisions – Wall mounted TV’s are a great idea or should you like the option to close it away it can be built into a co-coordinating bedroom unit.

Art work / Photographs – Adding a focal point to your bedroom with some Art work of your choice will not only add a colourful feature, it will make the room homely and offer an expression of your style. Photographs are a great feature to capture perfect family moments.