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Learn to love working from home by creating the perfect Home Office

Posted by on February 8, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Learn to love working from home by creating the perfect Home Office

Working from home, whether it be for an employer or for those who are self-employed, it can offer many advantages. Not only can it greatly reduce the costs and expenditure of the company, it can offer massive flexibility, which is often seen by families as a huge benefit. Working around school hours and finishing off after the kids go to bed, means you could avoid those extortionate childcare costs and it can help in the school holidays too. Childcare as parents will know is expensive. The flexiblity of working at home allows you to balance work and manage childcare costs more effectively. Working from home certainly makes picking up and dropping off the kids at school and nursery much easier.

With ever increasing internet speeds and having mobiles, means many businesses can allow staff to work at home and appreciate the returns and benefits of having more effective staff who are more productive and less stressed.

Most importantly for people working at home though is having a well-organized home office and separating work and home life. It is paramount that your office space should be exactly that. By removing distractions such as magazines, books and not having a TV in the office will help you to be work focused.

For self-employed people working at home means no commuting costs or office rental and associated bills. It can be tax efficient too. It also means whatever the weather and road and traffic conditions, your work will not be affected.

All these advantages to working at home mean better financial benefits, less stress and more motivation.

It is essential to create a comfortable home office, bright and well organised. You need to separate it from the rest of your home. Having a home office designer plan the room based around your work needs and storage requirements will ensure the room is functional and best meets your work needs.