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It is an unusual bathroom!!!

Posted by on July 9, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on It is an unusual bathroom!!!

For most of us we think ‘white porcelain’  or somewhere along those lines when designing our bathroom. Interior design and its multitude of possibilities, however, offers you the flexibility to add something a little different if you so desire.

A novelty for those with children could be a ‘fish tank’ toilet. Certainly different!! It has an array of aquarium themed transparent scenes with a matching seat and a fish tank cistern – guaranteed to be a hit with the kids!

Why not spread the ocean theme throughout the rest of your bathroom –  fish, shells, and dolphins make a great ocean theme. Ocean themed towels, soaps, pictures, accessories and even door knobs are also available.


These vivacious flower shaped urinals are designed by Clark Sorensen.

They would certainly be a conversation point if you found these on a trip to the gents. Matching sinks have been seen in varying similar designs in numerous locations in the world.

Becoming increasingly popular they are a definite twist on the exotic. Inspired by nature, a true artistic melange of exotic beauty and mundane functionality.


It seems whatever your hobbies and interests, you can add a twist of it into the functional components of your bathroom.

Look out – music lovers everywhere it doesn’t end with speakers inset into your bathroom ceiling!

These seats  and toilets have also been spotted in piano and trombone themes.







Not sure it is my cup of tea – but I certainly can see the artistic twist. Your bathroom can be anything you want it to be. With a sense of the individual and quaint style, you can adapt your artistic ideas and create an eye catching feature your treasured moments together.

I am not sure how well these features would stand up to humid bathroom conditions in a busy family bathroom though!!!