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Home Office / Guest room. Multi-use

Posted by on March 4, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Home Office / Guest room. Multi-use

Home Office / Guest room. Multi-use

With an ever increasing number of people working from home and using the internet, it has created the need for people to have a room dedicated as a remote working environment for self-employment.

Also ever increasingly our children are required to use the internet and computers in their studies.

This in combination with ever increasing house prices means that people more and more do not have a spare room for guests and separate space for a home office, so decide to convert a room into both, with multi-uses, as is the current trend.

Planning the room it is essential to consider what it is to be used for and how. This will enable you to proportion the room and decide whether to have hide-away beds for example, or sliding wardrobes to conceal the office and computer area.

Here are some ideas on how to use your spare room:

• Study:

Bespoke fitted furniture can offer you the versatility and convenience you need to have office space in your spare room. This work space could consist of book shelves, filing drawers, stationary drawers and a computer desk, which can easily be hidden away and transformed to a guest room when needed, for friends and family to stay. It will look more spacious, even with its many uses.

• Guest Room:

Depending on your available space in the room you could opt for a drop down wardrobe which transforms to a bed for your guests. If you have guests quite often you could include additional hanging space, drawers and cupboards, for their belongings throughout their stay.

• Recreation Room:

When you are not using the room as a home office, it could also be used as a recreational room, where you can watch television, or to give the kids a separate space to use the computer with friends. The design of the room should encompass your idea of its various uses. You may decide on a television and a sofa too!!

• Library:

If you need this space for collections of books you may wish to install bookcases, so your home office could also be used as a library where you or your kids can sit quietly and read.

• Storage Space:

The room can be made best use of with fitted furniture for extra storage of less frequently used belongings, such as bedding, suitcases, camping equipment or surplus clothing.

• Television Room:

You may use the room as an extra television room, to avoid disputes over what is on the lounge television.