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Home Cinema

Advancements in multi-media have brought with them the need for home cinema systems, separate hi-fi and sound systems and the popularity of flat screen television viewing, this has created a demand for bespoke fitted lounge furniture and home cinema furniture solutions.

Installing flat screen televisions and projectors has become an increasing trend and inset into fitted furniture it defines style inside your home. Motor driven projection screens offer the capability to retract in to the ceiling or behind panelled furniture.

Hi-fi equipment can be stored away, concealed and speaker systems mounted within the furniture or walls to avoid the look of an electrical retailer. Storage of your favourite CD’s, old records and DVD’s can be built in as needed to your customized design. Handy drawers can be included, to keep remote controls and avoid the perpetual frustration of loosing them down the side of the sofa.

The flexibility offered by individually designed furniture offers the ability to combine your storage requirements, hiding away the clutter than can dominate your living room, together with the benefit of choosing exactly the style, look and colour you would like. Your living room can be transformed into a Home Cinema or simply just fitted with furniture of completely individual design to suit your needs.

Enjoying time spent relaxing and socialising in your living room, fitted furniture can offer optimum comfort and style. Lighting may be in-built into the furniture to create the right mood, dimmed lighting can create a relaxing setting at the end of a tiring day. Complimented with your choice of home furnishings and decor you really can create the perfect look for your home. Neutral coloured furniture and wood will universally be popular and not out-date. The standard and quality of our furniture which will last far longer means the room can be merely updated every few years with new furnishings. The numerous features that depend on personal taste and creativity can be included in the totally bespoke design for a truly personal touch.