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A Guide to Modern Kitchens – 5 styles that stood out among the rest

Posted by on January 24, 2018 in Blog | Comments Off on A Guide to Modern Kitchens – 5 styles that stood out among the rest

Modern kitchens often still follow the classic ‘L’ or ‘U’ shape design and layout but with some key style differences. Perhaps the most notable difference in modern kitchens is the popularity of the island, the choice of colours and materials, and the use of lighting.

Kitchen Islands

A mainstay of a stylish kitchen, the island is becoming even more practical in the modern kitchen. As well as looking good as the centrepiece of your kitchen, islands can be fitted with practical yet stylish features such as sinks, concealed chopping boards, cupboards, wine coolers, hobs and stools.  A wireless charger for your phone can also be installed along with pop up plug sockets and extractor fans.

Lighting Styles

An important aspect of the modern kitchen is the different uses of lighting. Concealed and pendant lights are two of the most popular ways of lighting a modern kitchen, with the ability to alter the ambience and atmosphere of the room. Concealed LED’s, along with other aspects of the modern style, can help to transform a kitchen from a food preparation zone to a social and entertainment area.

Materials Used

Materials used in kitchens are one of the most notable changes over time. Some of the most popular used are granite, quartz, hard wood and laminate. Solid wooden kitchen unit doors are being overtaken in the popularity stakes by gloss and vinyl wrapped finishes.


The popularity of minimalism has led to the trend of decluttered worktops and storage for everything. The modern kitchen sees appliances tucked away in cupboards and shelves in a stylish way. A slight twist to this idea is the trend of storing things such as pots, pans and knives by hanging or attaching them to walls. Keeping your worktops free of clutter has practical applications as well as style ones; you have more room to calmly prepare your meals on a clean, clear worktop, and your kitchen space is given the illusion of being larger

Use of Colour

The colours used are an important distinction of the modern kitchen, with the usual modern preference towards earthy tones, greys, and whites, being complimented with splashes of bold colour and an emphasis on pastel blues, pinks and yellows seeing a surge in popularity.

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