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Future Innovative Kitchens – Dinner ready?

Posted by on July 16, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Future Innovative Kitchens – Dinner ready?

We live in a world of ever increasing ‘smart’ technology – but how far does it extend in our everyday lives and our kitchen?

The functionality of our ‘modern’ kitchen has far exceeded a place to cook, it is the centre of the home, it is where we dine and socialise. Design is all important and advances in technology are certainly making their mark in the kitchen.

The future in kitchen technology promises ovens which send a wireless message to your mobile phone and can predict your time of arrival home, having dinner ready for the family to enjoy. If you are stuck in traffic, a quick text back and the oven will do the rest and adjust the time, so your meal is not overcooked.

New innovative designs of coffee machines can already be remotely controlled by your phone. Could we even see fridges that detect food stock levels and order automatically from your local supermarket? – or is this taking it all a touch too far? Already in the pipeline are GPS kitchen appliances that can track your journey home and have your meal ready. It has even been suggested we will be harvesting our fruit and vegetables in the technically controlled environment of our kitchen.

Most of us still remember Grandma’s apple pie or mum’s home cooked roast dinner, the unforgettable taste, the result of hours of toil in the kitchen. Is technology and convenience stamping out tradition? Are future generations really going to be talking about arriving home GPS tracked to dinner in the oven?