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Decor ideas for your bathroom

Posted by on February 25, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Decor ideas for your bathroom

When your new bathroom has been designed and installed, you will no doubt want to add your own personal finishing touches and integrate any decor ideas you may have.

Here are some great tips and ideas:

1. Plants look great

Plants are a great addition to a bathroom to add some colour and interesting features. You must however choose a plant that will thrive in humid bathroom conditions and be able to withstand warm temperatures.

2. Mirrors

Not only are bathroom mirrors functional, used for shaving, styling your hair, or doing hair or make-up, they can also create an aura of spaciousness. A full sized mirror can create an illusion of space, which can be very beneficial in a smaller bathroom. You can also get mirrored storage cabinets, should you need space for yout toiletries, or you may decide to opt for heated mirrors, so they do not steam up in the humid conditions of your bathroom.

3. Roll up your nicest towels

You could buy some soft luxurious towels and display them as a feature by rolling them up. This will not only give your bathroom a contemporary and homely feel, it keeps them handy for use, takes up less space in the airing cupboard and adds a luxurious spa like feel to your new bathroom.

4. A curtain round the bath

A curtain around your bath or shower can help to soften the echo caused by tiled walls and floors. They also give you more privacy to take your bath or shower in peace and relax.

5. Add some rustic wooden accessories

Especially if you have chosen a white or neutral coloured bathroom, rustic wooden accessories can really add a feature.