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The benefits of heated towel rails for the bathroom

Posted by on September 18, 2018 in Blog | Comments Off on The benefits of heated towel rails for the bathroom

 Many homeowners may not realise the benefits of a heated towel rail, seeing them as an additional luxury rather than an essential installation, but this is not the case; heated towel rails offer plenty of practical benefits.


 Despite what most people think, heated towel rails are not designed to make towels warm – that is just a nice side-effect of the actual purpose, which is keeping them dry, the benefit of which is eliminating the damp breeding group for germs and mould.


 There is nothing worse than stepping out of your warm morning shower or evening bath into the cold air. An overlooked benefit of a heated towel rail is how much it warms up the bathroom; stepping out of the shower now feels as luxurious as being in there with the hot water. As well as the comfortable temperature, heated towel rails offer a sleek, luxurious look for the bathroom, often being designed with aesthetics in mind.


Due to the wide range of towel rails to choose from there will be one to suit every budget, space and style.

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If a heated towel rail sounds like the perfect addition to your bathroom, then check out the range of stunning and practical rails available from Connells KBB. As well as supplying you with a luxurious new rail, we can also arrange installation it so it is ready to use in no time. Find out more about our bathroom accessories here, and get in touch here.