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Bathroom lighting to create the perfect atmosphere

Posted by on August 6, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Bathroom lighting to create the perfect atmosphere

Considering lighting when designing any room in the house is essential to create a mood and atmosphere. Worth the investment – bathroom lighting should provide you with a combination of a dim and relaxing ambiance when needed and the use of bright and clear lighting when getting ready for a social event, or when in a rush getting ready for work. When considering a new bathroom, lighting is an essential part of the planning and there are an immense spectrum of styles and options available.

Natural lighting may already be abundant or you may have a small window and therefore little natural light. Either way late in the evening or in the winter months, you will need good additional lighting.

The options extend from ceiling lighting, for example halogen spotlights, to lighting inset into your furniture, mirrors, walls or shelving. Mirrors can be lit from above or behind and may also be heated to avoid steaming up in a humid atmosphere. Often a melange of these options will create the best lighting and offer the different options for relaxing, when dimmer light is needed, or brighter clearer lighting whilst shaving or applying make-up.

Several lower wattage down lights could be used to  create an overall wide spread well lit space. Feature lighting could be used and pointed at mirrors or the sink or dressing area in the room. If you really want to go all out, flooring can also be lit with lighting tiles.

Recessed spot lighting is perfect in alcoves. Feature lighting really can enhance a particular part of the bathroom you wish to stand out. You can even get jacuzzi baths with lighting if you really want to get something special, or even glittery tiles to reflect lighting or shimmery wall lighting. The options are endless – it really is your choice!!