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Bathroom colours that are hot for 2018

Posted by on May 8, 2018 in Blog | Comments Off on Bathroom colours that are hot for 2018

2018 is bringing with it hot new colours for the bathroom. Some are a continuation of trends that have remained popular for a couple of years now, but a trend seeing more popularity is the introduction of colour to the often exclusively white and silver bathrooms.

Splashes of colour give your bathroom character, with colourful basins and baths making a big comeback, with green a popular choice – but not in the avocado green of the 1970’s.


It was all the rage in the 70’s and 80’s to install ‘avocado green’ bathrooms, a colour which notoriously hasn’t aged well. The green that’s becoming popular right now is a modern looking shade, with grassy green tiles a popular choice for the addition of green along with the inclusion of actual plants to the bathroom to compliment the natural look.


Blue has always been a popular colour for the bathroom, with the cool and calming colour providing a relaxing atmosphere for the bathroom. Slightly bolder blues are now seeing popularity, with the key to using this colour being to do it sparingly, with bathrooms cabinets, parts of wallpaper or paint, and tiles the best ways to introduce these splashes of colour to the room.


Vibrant reds and blues are giving peoples bathrooms a sense of luxury and drama, a slight move away from the all-white bright lights commonly found in the bathroom over the past couple of decades. The vibrancy of red is seeing the biggest surge in popularity, with basins, cabinets and mirrors seeing a big increase in bathrooms.

Softer tones

Although these bright, vibrant colours are seeing a surge in popularity, the subtle, softer colours in light brown, beige and grey tones are also going to be popular for 2018. An alternative to the bright colours for those who would rather a more subdued look for the bathroom, these softer colours will often cover more of the room than the aforementioned bright colours would.

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