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5 Simple Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Posted by on August 24, 2017 in Blog | Comments Off on 5 Simple Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

We could all use a bit more space. Compared to twenty years ago, homeowners in Suffolk own substantially more furniture and material possessions. It doesn’t help that the UK is in the grip of a curious property phenomenon. Almost every country in the developed world is seeing an increase in average property sizes, but British homes are shrinking.

We’re now paying more for smaller houses. This is, in part, because the UK is one of few nations to have no minimum space laws. So, families are having to get innovative with their interior designs. Multifaceted, space saving storage solutions are essential, particularly for bedrooms in Suffolk and the surrounding areas.

The good news is that there are plenty of clever ways to squeeze extra space out of a teeny tiny bedroom. Keep reading to find out more.

Paint in Light Colours

You’ll hear it said time and time again; light colours make rooms feel brighter and more spacious. Interior designers love this tip, because it costs little to repaint walls, but the visual impact is striking. It works because pale tones reflect light, instead of absorbing it.

You’re still left with a huge amount of choice too. You don’t have to settle for something plain like white or cream. You could try a pastel version of your favourite colour. This creates a very soft and expansive effect, particularly if you flood the room with natural daylight.

Invest in Clever Storage

Innovative, multifunctional storage solutions are the key to beautiful bedrooms. So, the next time that you’re shopping for furniture online or in Suffolk stores, think about different ways to combine functions. Under bed storage is highly practical, because it is neat and efficient.

The real trick is reduce the number of items that are visually prominent within small bedrooms. Under bed or ‘invisible’ storage is good for this, because it integrates with other pieces of furniture. There is less clutter and fewer items to visually dissect the space.

Stay Low to the Ground

If it’s not the width of the space, but the height, that is a problem, create the illusion of a taller room by keeping furniture low. Wide, attic style beds sit flush (or almost flush) with the floor and don’t have headboards. They are ideal for use in rooms with low ceilings.

Steer clear of tall furniture and opt for broader, squatter pieces if you’ve got plenty of room on the floor. Attic and loft bedrooms tend to be quite spacious, but it can be tricky to work around sloping eaves. Ditch the tall wardrobe and use long, low chests and dressers.

Preserve the Middle Third

Alternatively, you can create the illusion of space by leaving a strip of wall permanently clear and empty. This should be around the middle third of your room. So, not too close to the ceiling or the floor either. Make sure that hanging artwork and photo frames sit below the strip.

Place shelves and storage higher, above the empty strip. The effect is of taller walls, because you’re creating three distinct visual layers. This has the impact of heightening the room. The opposite works too. Furniture with tall, thin legs leaves a spacious strip of space on the ground.

Elevate Your Drapes

Finally, make a bedroom feel bigger by raising curtains and drapes beyond the top of the window. Take them almost to ceiling height, so that it looks like the window frame really is this tall. Crucially, however, the curtain fabric shouldn’t be allowed to touch or pool on the ground.

The aim is to visually lengthen the wall, but you don’t want to disturb that spacious flow on the floor while you’re doing it. Light, airy fabrics are always best in small spaces, but their suitability may depend on whether you need to block out lots of light and noise.

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