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4 Reasons to fall in Love with Bespoke Bedrooms

Posted by on March 8, 2017 in Blog | Comments Off on 4 Reasons to fall in Love with Bespoke Bedrooms

We’re used to the idea of bathrooms and kitchens being ‘bespoke,’ but a lot of homeowners don’t know that bedrooms can also be customised and fitted in the same way; as a cohesive, ready to use design or layout. In fact, the popularity of bespoke bedrooms is currently on the rise, because they can end up being significantly more affordable than a piece by piece refit.

From fitted wardrobes to custom floors, drapes, and furnishings, with a bespoke space, you know that you’re getting something completely unique. Also, there’s no danger of individual pieces, fixtures, or fittings not being compatible, because the space is designed as a fluid and responsive environment. Just as a kitchen can be built upon a predefined template, your new bespoke bedroom will fit together in seamless fashion.

Keep reading for more great reasons to fall in love with bespoke designs and start your custom journey today with high quality bedrooms in Suffolk.

The Ultimate in Luxury Features

One of the best things about bespoke spaces – whether they are in the kitchen, bathroom, study, or bedroom – is the fact that anything is possible. The features that you choose will, of course, depend on your budget, but with enough cash, there are no real limits. For instance, lots of people choose to fit glamorous bespoke wardrobes that stretch along the length of an entire wall. This gives them plenty of storage space and it adds a distinct sense of luxury and sophistication. You could ask your designer to create a window seat, a special reading nook, or a carefully designed transition into an ensuite bathroom.

Unique Sitting and Reading Areas

The best bedroom designs are those that make room for multidimensional functions. Yes, the space is primarily intended for sleeping, but there is no reason why you can’t get a diverse range of pleasures from it. For example, lots of people like to read in their bedrooms. If you are a big fan of tucking into a book before bed, make sure that your custom design reflects this. Ask about responsive lighting options and how to install a changeable system; this will usually involve the use of two individual lighting configurations. If you’ve always wanted a glitzy dressing table, look for bespoke bedrooms in Suffolk that offer this feature.

Lavish and Efficient Storage Solutions

Perhaps the most important feature of all is your storage. Whether you need a vast fitted wardrobe or a super practical installation that is efficient, but doesn’t take up too much space, your designer is there to make it happen. For bedrooms that are tight on space, fitted wardrobes are a great option. They minimise waste, because they stretch right from the floor to the ceiling. Plus, they can be enhanced with all kinds of internal drawers, hooks, and compartments. The best way to find the perfect fitted wardrobe is to head down to a showroom and browse the high quality bespoke bedrooms in Suffolk.

It’s All about What You Want

The word ‘bespoke’ is shorthand for ‘anything that you like.’ The only limitations are the size of the space and your own budget; otherwise, you can paint in any colour that you like, enjoy super-efficient contemporary storage spaces, and pick out unique features like loveseats, dimmable lighting, vanity tables, and compact drawers. With a fitted design or suite, you’ll be able to stay that nobody else has exactly the same bedroom as you. Plus, bespoke designs are more affordable now than ever before, so unique doesn’t have to mean expensive.

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