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3 Simple Ways to Design the Perfect Master Bedroom

Posted by on April 24, 2017 in Blog | Comments Off on 3 Simple Ways to Design the Perfect Master Bedroom

There is nothing interior designers love to show off more than a flawless master bedroom. While kitchens and bathrooms get lots of focus for their ‘community’ dynamic, it is the bedroom which represents pure comfort. It is your kingdom, your private domain. So, it has to be perfect in every way.

It is a misconception to assume that there are no challenges associated with designing a beautiful bedroom. There are few technical limitations, but it can still be tricky to strike the right balance between practicality and luxury. Fortunately, all you have to do is head down to a bedroom furniture showroom in Suffolk for some superb design ideas and inspiration.

Keep reading for some tips on how to create a beautiful master bedroom which combines comfort and value.

Take Advantage of Circulation

The rule of ‘circulation’ is something which interior designers are very fond of, but many homeowners have never discovered. It is very simple. It says that, wherever possible, public and private spaces should be kept separate. In this context, public space is any area which is primarily used as a way to access other areas (a hallway, for example).

Conversely, private spaces are for your personal use. They make up all of the other parts of the house (dining table, sofas, play room, etc.). By restricting circulation to one side of a master bedroom, you prevent doors and ‘throughways’ from visually intersecting your bed, vanity table, wardrobe, and other private areas. It is an excellent way to add calm and cohesiveness.

Map Out Your Furniture

If you are working with a designer, they will ask you to map out the position of all your new furniture. This is a very helpful process because it can be tricky to tell whether pieces are a good fit before you buy them. So, whether you are renovating alone or alongside an expert, take measurements.

If you know the dimensions of the space, you can browse a bedroom furniture showroom in Stowmarket with confidence. Remember that is not just about what will fit. It has to be a good fit. Your furniture needs to look and feel comfortable with the space. That tripled fronted wardrobe may have caught your eye, but be careful it does not overpower the room.

Invest In Great Lighting

Nowhere is mood lighting more important than in the bedroom. Whether you want to create a sensual, calming, or vintage inspired atmosphere; great lighting is the key. Most bedrooms require a combination of moods, so think about how you plan to use the space. If you are a keen reader, you probably want bedside fixtures which aren’t too harsh on the eyes.

If you use your bedroom for more than sleeping (playing with the kids, studying, drawing, etc.), you will need a mixture of softer evening light and more practical, task-based illumination. You can achieve this by using both overhead fixtures and things like lamps and wall sconces. Don’t forget to account for the position of your furniture when planning where to put new lights.

Where to Find High-Quality Bedroom Furniture

The first step is to find a local bedroom furniture showroom in Suffolk. These are the best places to find great deals on wardrobes, dressers, end tables, vanity units, and more. It beats flipping through a catalogue or browsing exclusively online because you can get up close and personal. Don’t be afraid to touch surfaces, scrutinise fixtures, and ask plenty of questions about price, quality, and installation.

For more tips and advice on how to design a beautiful bedroom, visit Connells KBB Ltd. Or, call 01473 715566 to get directions to your nearest furniture showroom or store.